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A global platform built on a verified trusted video producer‘s network. Powered by community.


Reduce finding costs by up to 10% in pre-production costs

By connecting you with a qualified pool of video professionals and suppliers, we streamline your pre-production process, saving you valuable time and resources.


Get an exclusive fast and flexible filming experience

Picture a filming experience where you feel prioritized and understood. Your deadlines are met with ease, and your creative vision is brought to life with agility.


Get access to resources and everything you need to film locally

We empower you to make informed decisions, connect with local collaborators, and capitalize on exciting opportunities within your local film community.


Prioritise safety and sustainaility for your production

By prioritizing safety and sustainability, we create an environment where creativity and the environment can flourish. Film with content and a clean peace of mind.

Video Production Made Easy

There is more than one way to film with VdeoPro. No matter where you are filming next. See what options are available for you.

Get started with no upfront costs

We help you find solutions and support you throughout the whole production process

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Select your preffered production partner

With our extensive network of skilled producers, your project can come to life no matter the location. Choose your preferred filmmaker while we handle procurement and payment, streamlining the process and eliminating the hassle of dealing with multiple suppliers and quotes.

Step 1

Plan filming and live production together

Collaborate with our team to plan and organize every aspect of your story's filming journey. From script development to logistical arrangements, ensure a seamless and successful production process.

Step 1

Film your project and get ongoing support

Enjoy our fast and flexible filming and editing services. Receive professional support and guidance throughout the process. Your funds remain secure until terms are met, both for you and our suppliers

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