Accelerating African Film & Cinema

Industry Acceleration & Development Strategy


Objectives of this effort

VdeoPro has identified ___ criteria outcomes ___ thematic areas for the ___

Overview of the journey

We have adopted a ___ step approach to shape the integrated strategy for ____

Country coverage roadmap

Ist wave of discovery and findings

We are currently in the second phase

Aspiration for industry acceleration & development

African filmmakers are around ___

More findings on the african film industry

Africa could aim to become the best

This how being the best will impact them

And this is how we plan to achieve this goal

Proposed Strategy

We have identified ___ of common challenges hindering film in Africa

We have identified 4 key leavers

Across the 4 levers, there are 10 programs consissting of _ initiatives pioneered by key stakeholders

The covid 19 hascreated a stronger gap

And this is how we plan to achieve this goal

Implementation Approach

Implementation is anchored on 4 pillars

A committee has been set up

Program Goals can be achieved on an ambitioius _ year plan